John 18:10 NLT

Then Simon Peter drew a sword and slashed off the right ear of Malchus, the high priest’s slave.

Be quick to cut off the head of deception through the wisdom of the Lord.  I know there have been countless times I pulled out my word sword and cut off the ear of people trying to deceive me or someone close to me.  I have also tried to be quiet and pray my way through it and still felt defeated.  James 1:19b says,  we must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry.  I was slow to speak but I went from 0-60 on the anger scale and nothing else could be heard.  Warning: Beware.  Deception can cloud our ability to see the Lord’s will in the matter.  Our emotions are left exposed because of the hurt and pain.  The strong foundation we stood on has crumbled and we’re left rebuilding a new wall from gravel.  I believe James 1:19b means be quick to listen to the Lord on the matter, be slow to speak until you fully hear God’s heart and slow to giving into your soulish man anger to forfeit the lessons to be a blessing.  As we move according to His word, the revelation we need to end deceptive matters is given.


Father God, I thank you for the spirit of the Lord is among us.  The spirit of the Lord is here.   Hallelujah!  Father we thank you for guidance, direction, wisdom, deliverance, Your grace & mercy that follow us all the days of our lives.  I lift up families  for your Glory.  In Jesus Precious Name, Amen!

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